BorderBox Tunes and Sets

Recent Changes and New Tunes


  • Lots and lots of tidying up in preparation for our CD recording.  
  • The main changes are shown by <<<- NEW.
  • You can either download individual files or there is the option of downloading one large PDF (BorderBox Sets - Melodies.pdf)  which is a  compilation of the latest versions of all the sets.   This file is 10.5 Mb in size - so don't download it unless you have broadband!
  • Apart from that compilation file, the PDFs for the individual sets vary in size form 78Kb to 250Kb.

PDF files

You can download and print the BorderBox music as PDF files.   You will need Adobe Reader which is available as a free download from Adobe (Click the logo below).   You should then be able to print the music and have it looking exactly the same as it does on my computer at home.

To look at a PDF file just left-click the red PDF text  to open the file on screen.  
NB If this is slow on your computer
, you might do better if you right-click the red text.   This will give you the option of saving the file to your hard drive so that you can view or print it later.

BorderBox Sets

The "last update" date is the date shown in the small print at the bottom left of each page of music.   You can use this to see if your own copy is up-to-date.

NB The small numbers written above the notes are accordion fingering .


SET 1 - Medley

Set 2 - Marches

Set 3 - Medley

Set 4 - Medley

Set 5 - Medley

Set 6 - Reels

Set 7 - Slow Air/Waltz

Set 8 - Hornpipes

 Set 9 - Marches

Set 10 - Medley

Set 11 - Slow Air

Set 12 - Hornpipe

Set 13 -  The Banks of The Tyne

Set 15 -  The Duries' Verdict

Set 16 -  The Ashokan Farewell

Set 18 -  The Alnwick Garden

Set 20 - Medley

Set 21 - March, Strathspey and Reel

Set 22 - Medley

 Set 23 - Medley

Set 24 - March, Strathspey and Reel <<<- NEW - a virtuoso set

Set 25 -  3/2 Hornpipes